Sunday, March 11, 2007

Xena Fanfiction Podcast Show #3

Listen to Show #3

Well, I hope everyone has made the jump over to the new feed. I went ahead and added the previous two shows to this feed so, as soon as you subscribe, you'll get all three episodes.

In this show, I read "Confession" by Sais2Cool. "Gabrielle charts her passionate relationship with Xena, which leads her to reveal a secret that has tortured her conscience for years." This marvelous story can be found at The Royal Academy of Bards. Go check it out and send her an email telling her how much you liked the story.

I also talked about audio fanfic that's available for sale. It's located at The Xena Multimedia Page. The authors available are: Sharon Bowers, Carrie Carr, DJWP, Friction, Melissa Good, L Graham, LN James, Journs, BL Miller, Paul Seely, SwordnQuill, Wolfdragon, and WordWarrior. The stories are all read by WordWarrior.

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