Monday, May 14, 2007

Xena Fan Fiction Podcast Show #11

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Candid Eye's Breast Cancer 3-Day donation page

Candid is also offering her professional quality photos that she's taken over the years at Xena events. There are lots of photos of Lucy during her concert at the Roxy last January. They are available for a $20 donation plus S&H. Visit the thread she started at the Xena Online Community board for photo info.

Candid's email address for feedback or donation questions.

Candid's walk and my podcasts were featured on MaryD's on April 25th. Go over and check it out. Candid's donation link is on the upper left.

In this show, I read the fourth and final part of "Gabrielle's Destiny" by Candid Eyes. "In a followup story to Waking Up With The Conqueror, Xena and Gabrielle come back from Japan only to find out that Greece is under siege by an amazon princess. They are suprised to find out who the amazon is and are faced with some hard decisions as they reconcile some old feelings created by past mistakes and try to save Athens from destruction. This is the story of Destiny. Find out why she isn't just another villian and learn which hero she is related to." This wonderful story can be found at the The Royal Academy of Bards.

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