Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Xena Fanfiction Podcast Coming Soon

I am about to begin an exciting new project. Actually, I've already begun but I haven't begun it here yet so it's still in the future for this blog. How's that for some round about logic? Anyway, back to the project. It all started on my other podcast, XenaCast. In that podcast, I do commentary on Xena episodes, talk about Xenaverse news, give updates on Lucy and Renee, do fanfiction and fan video reviews, and discuss a forum thread. It's a fun show to do and I hope anyone who listens to this podcast who hasn't heard it yet will check it out. It's at www.XenaCast.

So on to this show. I am going to read selected classic Xena fanfiction stories. By classic, I mean stories about Xena and Gabrielle set in their own world as opposed to conqueror or uber stories set in alternate universes. I will read it as written with no commentary or opinions on my part. Although, you have to know if I'm reading it on my show, then I must like it.

The first story I read is called "The Rest is Silence" by Sais2Cool. It can be found at The Royal Academy of Bards. It takes place during the jail scene in Ides of March. If you like it, be sure and email Sais2Cool.

The next story is "Fighting the Good Fight" by Temora. It can also be found at The Royal Academy of Bards. I will be putting it out on my XenaCast feed, so go to www.XenaCast.com to listen.

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